Kickboxing Classes for Kids Dubai

Want your son or daughter to reap all the benefits of martial arts training? Hire professional trainers for kids boxing and kickboxing classes in Dubai. Our professional boxing and kickboxing trainers at Trainers on Demand teach the fundamentals of boxing and kickboxing in an engaging environment filled with encouragement, games and plenty of action.

How Boxing Classes in Dubai Benefits Your Child

It takes so much more than just punching to be a good boxer. Structured professional boxing classes in Dubai provide children with an exciting blend of physical and mental benefits, including:

  • Improved Physical Fitness and Coordination
    Boxing is an intensive cardio workout incorporating footwork, speed drills, mitt work and more. Classes enhance endurance, balance, agility and overall athletic ability. Kids burn energy while improving hand-eye coordination.
  • Increased Self Confidence and Esteem
    Performing boxing techniques correctly in a safe, rewarding environment builds tremendous self-confidence in kids. Landing punches on target mitts generates immense pride and emotional resilience. Boxing empowers shy kids to come out of their shells.
  • Focus, Respect and Self Discipline
    Quality boxing training is a lesson in self-control. Kids practice waiting their turn, following coach instructions and applying feedback. The mental focus boxing requires improves school performance and attentiveness.

What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing incorporates punches along with a variety of lower body strikes utilizing the feet and legs. Our kids kickboxing classes in Dubai teach the fundamentals of kicks, like:

  • Front kick
  • Roundhouse kick
  • Side kick
  • Hook kick
  • Axe kick

Kids kickboxing boosts mobility in the hips and lower body while torching calories and defining leg muscles. It also expands their striking skill set and combinations.

What's Included in Our Boxing and Kickboxing Lessons in Dubai?

Our experienced, encouraging coaches work with all skill levels to steadily build ability. Classes incorporate:

  • Proper stance, footwork and punch fundamentals
  • Target mitts focused on form and technique
  • Gentle, age-appropriate sparring
  • Kickboxing introduces lower body strikes like kicks
  • Engaging boxer-inspired games
  • Positive rewards for effort and improvement

Hire Freelance Boxing and Kickboxing Instructors for Kids in Dubai

Hire our incredible freelance coaches to launch beginner boxing and kickboxing lessons in Dubai. Our instructors have decades of combined competitive experience coaching students as young as 6 years old in martial arts. They skillfully break down proper punching, footwork and defensive techniques in simple, engaging ways for children to comprehend.
Boxing and kickboxing classes for kids in Dubai stay active and fun with mitt work, pads, skill challenges, and boxer-inspired games. Give the young athletes and confidence-seekers in your community the advantage of working 1-on-1 or in small groups with Dubai’s best freelance boxing instructors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. What age group is suitable for the kids' Boxing and Kickboxing classes?
    Our boxing and kickboxing classes for kids in Dubai are designed for youngsters aged 6 to 14 years. We create a safe and engaging environment tailored to their age group, ensuring a fun and educational experience.
  • Q2. Are the trainers experienced in teaching kids?
    Absolutely! Our trainers are not only experienced in boxing and kickboxing but also specialize in working with kids. They bring a playful and encouraging approach to each class, ensuring your child feels comfortable, motivated, and has a great time while learning new skills.
  • Q3. Do instructors have background checks and vetting?
    Yes, we perform thorough background checks, certification verification and reference checks before adding new boxing and kickboxing coaches in Dubai.
  • Q.4 Can classes be tailored more towards self defense rather than competition?
    Absolutely. We avoid promoting aggression but do teach skills like creating distance, blocking and evasion for self defense.

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